I'm simply thrilled the Lord would honor me with this book.  I asked Him for something to have in my hands.  I asked to have it in my hands so I could offer it to others.  I asked Him to use me (and whatever He would put in my hands) to point people to Jesus.

Look what He gave me!  You can have it too.

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These are a few of my favorite summer reads. 

I hope you will enjoy them just as much.  Happy reading and gleaning!

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Together we help keep our eyes on Jesus and SHINE bright for His Glory.

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Gleaning is more fun than cleaning!

Invite a friend and let 31 Days of Gleaning with Ruth: questioning my way through a famine season by Lisa Brittain be your discipleship workbook this Fall. 

I believe you'll be encouraged.

Available now at Amazon.com

Available now at Amazon.com

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