Welcome to Ponders:

This is a space for pondering. It’s a place for writing with pictures. You’ll find scripture here. And One Word Ponders, in which one word is used as a writing prompt from which to launch written thoughts. I most often catch a word which seems to be repeated in a certain scripture, and then a song. Or maybe I keep hearing that word in a sermon or conversation. As a special friend is known to say, the word seems to be highlighted.

As I ponder that one word, I ask Holy Spirit, “What do You want me to know about this word? What do You want to teach me from Your Word for my life today?”

And as I settle in with prayer, one word and scripture, He teaches me and my fingers begin to type. It seems the thoughts move from my brain through my heart and out into my arms and fingers to touch the keys. Eventually the ponders become words and then sentences. Hopefully cohesive ponders are not just for me, though they help me walk close to Jesus, but are found by you to be an encouragement on your journey!

I love when others want to share their ponders with the Lord and through scripture and real life circumstances. Here you will find ponders written by others who have been brave enough to say “Yes!” to the prompting of Holy Spirit.

Welcome! Enjoy. And do let me know if you have something to share for the glory of God and the edification of His body.