Guest post for Beloved Prodigal: Is _______ worth asking one more time? by Lisa Brittain

Is _______ worth asking one more time?

This might seem an odd question.  Even as you read it you might feel an odd sensation run down your spine.  You might feel a bit put off or offended at the inference. 

Join me at today for my guest post and invitation to you.

Join me at today for my guest post and invitation to you.

What I know is that we all read that question with a different item in the blank spot, and a different take on what that question means for our circumstances.  Perhaps for some, and I hope many, the question sparks a feeling of hope and ignites an expectant perseverance. 

My hope is you will stick with me, even while you continue to chew on that question, as I extend an invitation to each of you and finally endeavor to fulfill a three-pronged goal by the end of our time together today.

First, I am extending an invitation to each of you to join me for a six-week purposeful and refreshing walk through the book of Ruth.  Since I believe we learn better by interacting and dialoguing with one another, I would love for you to invite a friend to join us on this journey out of a famine season and into a harvest of trusting God one more time.  (I'll include more details for the study at the end of this post)

Next, my goals for this introduction to our journey together are these:

So, let's begin our walk together by taking a closer look at this question because this is where I realized I had walked unknowingly into the middle of the desert.  It is here that I came face to face with the truth that my family was experiencing a serious famine of relationship - first with God and then with each other.

have one.jpg

"Lisa, is your marriage worth asking one more time?"  

This is THE pivotal question, which served as my impetus for seeking a complete renovation of my heart, my marriage, and my family during the recent drought season of my life.  The question was asked of me by a counselor right at nine years ago.

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