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Hello, and welcome!

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Lisa - an adopted daughter of God, my Father, by the grace of Jesus Christ, His Son.  I first learned about being in God's family at the age of 9 when I was invited to  VBS (Vacation Bible School).  All I understood at that tender age was that Jesus would make sure I went to heaven to live with Him forever at the end of my physical life.

It wasn’t until I ventured off to college that I began to really seek God – to know Him, surrender my will to Him, and follow His plan for my life. It’s been a wonderfully bumpy and adventurous journey – this walk with Jesus.  I've definitely tried to go my own way on many occasions, but faithfully He's continued to call me back to His side.

After many years of marriage and raising sons according to what I call the “Christian formula”, I recognized my desperate need for God.  I had not lived completely dependent on Him, and my stubborn striving had contributed to quite a mess.  

I needed... a real relationship.  

At the bottom of my “do it my way" pit I recognized fear as one of my greatest enemies.  A nemesis which caused me to try to grasp for control in every area of my life.  I became determined to overcome fear.  I was terrified of letting go, but more fearful of living a less than abundant life.  Where was the JOY of following Jesus?  

About ten years ago, I made a decision to leave desert wandering behind and set out to pursue the abundant life Jesus promised His disciples.  It turned out those weren’t my ideas.  They were His ideas, and quickly I recognized Jesus was calling me up and out to follow Him.  This time I was desperate enough to surrender to His Way.  It is TRUTH – Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the LIFE.  Abundant LIFE!

My passionate mission in life - the rest of it - is to walk alongside women who are seeking the abundant life, help them focus eyes on Jesus and follow His lead.  My great desire is to help women overcome by helping them find voice to tell their empowering God stories.

I look forward to sharing this space with you.


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